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Poster of "Ambiant Painting" By: Ludwig Gerstacker

Item Number: 10071356

Poster Title: Ambiant Painting

Description: Title: "Ambiant Painting"Artist: Ludwig GerstackerThis is an abstract print of a painting done by Ludwig Gerstacker. From left to right are five palettes of color. From the left is a golden amber blend of yellow and orange. To the right of that is a forest-moss green with tones of gold underneath. The middle palette is black, wih barely tracable blotches of green and red. Beside that, is a scarlett red palette, with traces of a darker shade to the bottom left corner. The palette on the far right is another green, in shades of lime with amber, golden brown and red tones on the right half.

Size: 37" x 13"     Artist: Ludwig Gerstacker

Topic: Art Prints and Posters

Related Terms: color, abstract, obscure, funk, funky, colors, palettes, palette, amber, gold, golden, forest green, forest-green, forest, moss, black, scarlett, lime green, lime-green, lime, ambiant, ambient, ambiance, ambience, ludwig gerstacker, ambient painting, ambiant painting, art, deco, misc, miscellaneous, nature

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