Poster of "Quartet" By: Alfred Gockel

Item Number: 10080158

Poster Title: Quartet

Description: Title: "Quartet"Artist: Alfred GockelHere is an abstract print from the Alfred Gockel collection. The background is a vibrant sherbert blend of orange, red and slight pink hues in a marble tone. In the foreground, are two layers; The first is two blocks. The top being a rectabgle in a marbled green color. At the bottom is a large slightly rectangled square, in the color of a bright baby blue with green swirls in the corners. The top, outermost layer is a series of long wavey lines. There are three in a deep green color with black accents, matching the swirls in the corners of the blue square. The forth is a large black line, vertical upright, with a horizontal swoosh line in black running across the lower portion of this line.

Size: 12" x 15"     Artist: Alfred Gockel

Price: $12.99   (subject to change)

Topic: Art Prints and Posters

Related Terms: gestural, abstract, abstract art, quartet, alfred gockel, gockel collection, alfred gockel collection, art, music, people, vivid, lines and colors, colors and lines

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