Baby Posters and Prints

Elmer`s Friends are all Different Poster Print
Cute poster of a bunch of different kinds of animals on a pink background. David McKee.
Artist: David McKee

Green Caterpillar Poster Print
Cute print of a green caterpillar, a yellow butterfly and an orange butterfly.
Artist: Paul Brent

Sweet Dreams Poster Print
Lovely print poster of a faced moon on a starry background with the words, "Sweet Dreams". Srtist is Grace Pullen.
Artist: Grace Pullen

Oink! Oink! Poster Print
Very cute print of two bright pink and rose colored pigs with curly black tails. Pigs are on a shaded blue background.
Artist: Rachel Deacon

Hatching Turtles Poster Print
Cute print by Paul Brent of baby turtles hatching into the sea.
Artist: Paul Brent

Shrek (Style A) Poster Print
Movie poster for Shrek.

Mother and Child Poster Print by Eng Tay
Eng Tay print of a mother in a pink robe, holding her baby.
Artist: Eng Tay

"Tender Moments" Poster Print of a Lion Cub Sleeping With a Baby Girl, by John Drysdale
Black and white John Drysdale print of a lion cub sleeping with a baby girl. The little girl is sucking her thumb.
Artist: John Drysdale

"Love Light" Poster Print of a Mother Tucking Her Baby Into Bed, by Peter Quidley
Peter Quidley art print of a mother tucking her baby into bed.
Artist: Peter Quidley

"Waterlily" Poster Print of a Baby as a Crocus Flower, by Anne Geddes
Anne Geddes print of a baby as a crocus flower, surrounded by waterlilies.
Artist: Anne Geddes

"The Madonna of the Roses" Poster Print of Madonna and a Baby, Standing Near Roses, by William Bouguereau
William Bouguereau art print of Madonna holding a baby as she stands near rose bushes.
Artist: William Bouguereau

"Breakfast in Bed" Poster Print of a Toddler Sitting With Her Mom in Bed, by Mary Cassatt
Mary Cassatt art print of a toddler, sitting with her mom in bed.
Artist: Mary Cassatt

Poster of "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon" by Sophie Harding
Poster of "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon" by Sophie Harding. This is a poster of a happy cow jumping over a smiling moon.
Artist: Sophie Harding

Poster of "The Audition" By: S. Thomas Sierak
Title: "The Audition"Artist: S. Thomas SierakHere is an art print of a little girl wearing a ballerina outfit, making a curtsy in front of her wall of plush teddy bears.
Artist: S. Sierak

Poster of "Goodnight Moon" By: Clement Hurd
Title: "Goodnight Moon""Artist: Clement HurdHere is a print from the children's book, "Goodnight Moon" written by Margaret Wise Brown. The illustration from the book was done by Clement Hurd, and depicts the part in the story when the little bunny is in bed watching the moon set (or go to sleep) while his Mama bunny is in the rocking chair waiting for him to fall asleep.
Artist: Clement Hurd

Poster of "Boat" By: Carol Robinson
Title: "Boat"Artist: Carol RobinsonHere is a print of a small tugboat in red, blue, white and orange colors. Around the edges of the print is the word, "boat" written in lower case handwriting repeated over and over to fill the border of the print.
Artist: Carol Robinson

Poster of "Golf Buddies"
Title: "Golf Buddies"Artist: UnknownThis is a black and white vintage photo print of a small boy child reaching for a golf ball floating in a pond, while his dog companion holds onto the boy, by holding tight his jacket with his teeth. The little boy is wearing knickerbockers, tweed jacket, stockings, shoes and little cap.

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