Military Posters and Prints

Power Poster Print of a Ship
Motivational poster of a ship.

Straggler (Spitfires) Poster Print of Military Planes, by Phil Janney
Phil Janney print of Military planes in the sky.
Artist: Phil Janney

Military Photography Poster of a Man in Camoflague Bowing His Head at the Vietnam Memorial
Photographer Peter Marlow captured a touching moment of a man in camoflague bowing his head at the Vietnam Memorial. He's holding his hand up to the wall as if bracing himself, and he's holding a folded American Flag. The poster is boardered in Black, and says simply "Vietnam" on the bottom.
Artist: Peter Marlow

History Through Literature - All Quiet on the Western Front Poster Print
Educational poster of "All Quiet on the Western Front."

"If You Want to Fight, Join the Marines" Poster Print by Howard Christy
Vintage Howard Christy military print. This shows a woman in uniform. The words on the print are "If you want to fight, join the marines."
Artist: Howard Christy

Union Generals Educational Poster Print
Educational poster of the Union Generals of the Civil War. This poster contains information on Oliver Otis Howard, Philip Henry Sheridan, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, William Tecumseh Sherman, Winfield Scott Hancock, George Brinton McClellan, Ambrose Everett Burnside, John Buford, James Brewerton Ricketts, James Brewerton Reynolds, James Brewerton McClernand, and of course, Ulysses Simpson Grant.

"U.S.S John F. Kennedy" Poster Print
Poster of the U.S.S John F. Kennedy military boat

"We Can Do It" Vintage Poster Print of Rosie The Riveter
Vintage print of Rosie The Riveter, flexing her arm muscle.

"Lee and His Generals" Poster Print by Mathews
Educational print of "Lee and His Generals," showing Robert E Lee with his men. The men's names are listed at the bottom of the poster.
Artist: Mathews

US Air Force F-15 Eagle Military Planes Poster Print
Poster of two F-15 Eagle military planes in the sky.

"French Spad" 1916 Poster Print of Two Vintage Planes Flying in the Sky, by Alfred Owles
Alfred Owles print of two vintage planes flying in the sky. This print is titled "French Spad."
Artist: Alfred Owles

History Through a Lens - Raising the Flag at Iwo Jima Poster Print
Educational poster of "Raising the Flag at Iwo Jima."

"Military Helicopters - International Edition" Military Poster Print
This military poster print of "Military Helicopters - International Edition with Texts in Five Languages (English - French - Italian - German - Spanish)", shows a picture of differant kinds of military helicopters.

International Naval Signal Flags - International Edition with Texts in Two Languages (English & French) Poster Print
International Naval signal flags. This is an International edition with text in two languages, English and French.

Hydrogen Bomb Poster Print
Scenic print of a Hydrogen Bomb explosion.

F-14 Tomcat Poster Print of a Military Jet in the Sky
Poster of a F-14 Tomcat military jet flying in the sky.

"Modern Warplanes" International Edition Poster Print
International edition of "Modern Warplanes"

Movie Poster for "Band of Brothers" of Men in Military Fatigues Standing on a Battlefield
In this movie poster for "Band of Brothers", eleven men are standing on a battlefield looking forward toward the camera. Above their heads is a quote "There was a time when the world asked ordinary men to do extraordinary things."

Poster of Fortitude - Iwo Jima
Americana Posters: Fortitude - Iwo Jima.
Artist: Palmisano

Poster of "Confederate Generals"
Title: "Confederate General"Artist: UnknownHere is a poster showing all the Generals from the U.S. Civil War and a small blurb of information about each of them.

Poster of "World War II Aircraft"
Poster of "World War II Aircraft" This print shows 30 different jets and airplanes that were used during World War II, on a blue cloudy background. This is an International Edition.

Poster Titled "Working Together" of A Military Aircraft Show
Poster Titled "Working Together" of A Military Aircraft Show. This poster shows 9 military aircraft planes, during an air show, with the colors red, white and blue coming out of the planes. The Reflections of the planes shows in the wet street below. The caption says "WORKING TOGETHER - Individuals play games, but teams win championships."

Inspirational Poster for Bravery of a Military Sniper in Camouflage Looking Through the Scope of His Gun
This is an Inspirational Poster for Bravery of a Military Sniper in Camouflage. He is laying on his stomach, looking through the scope of his gun. The Poster has a black border with the word "Bravery" and a small inspirational quote.

Poster of a Military Aircraft SR -71 Blackbird in Blue Tones
This is a head-on poster of an SR - 71 Blackbird military aircraft. The poster is also a motivational poster for "Command."

Poster of Leadership - Planes
Military Posters: Leadership - F-16 Falcon Planes.

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