Misc Posters and Prints

Chief Joseph's Prayer Poster Print
Beautiful poster of a wolf in snow covered woods, with Chief Joseph super-imposed in the background. "Hear my my cheifs! I am tired; my heart is sick and sad.From where the sun stands I will fight no more forever" is printed in the lower right. The quote is from Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indian tribe.

Vista Bath II Poster Print
Lovely rendition of an old fashioned bath. This print by Grace Pullen, shows a claw foot tub, vanity chair, wash basin, and window. All in shades of reds and yellows. The tub has a circular shower curtain holder and shower head. The floor is checkered, and the window looks out on rolling hills.
Artist: Grace Pullen

Intermezzo Poster Print
Andrew White's lovely print of a young ballerina. She is dressed in pale pinks and is dancing in a room of soft light and pastel color.
Artist: Andrew White

Money Chart Poster Print
Print showing the different denominations of currency (bills) in the United States.

Nautical III Poster Print
"Nautical III" by Warren Kimble. Long, thin poster of a sailboat with a red star on one sail, sailing across a green-blue sea.
Artist: Warren Kimble

Plane Poster Print
Charming illustrative print of, "Plane" by artist Paul Gibson. Square canvas with a red and yellow vintage-style plane flying across a sky of pencil drawn clouds.
Artist: Paul Gibson

Rugged Spirit Poster Print
"Rugged Spirit" is Michael Swearngin's print of a cowboy astride a horse, with a lasso rope in his hands. Roughly done in earth tones with a border of red and white stripes, with a blue field and a star at each corner.
Artist: Michael Swearngin

Henry Ford Poster Print
Balck and white poster of Henry Ford with one of his first cars, and a diagram showing how they were made. Several models are shown with a short history from 1863 - 1947

Buttercup Buick Poster Print
Realistic looking print of a buttercup colored Buick panel wagon, a man with a surfboard and a huge wave. The car is parked on the sand by the oceanside. Scott Westmoreland artist.
Artist: Scott Westmoreland

Gerber Daisies I Poster Print
Two pale pink Gerbera Daisies on a black background. Michael Harrison.
Artist: Michael Harrison

Waves Poster Print
"Waves" print by Nel Whatmore. Abstract image of ocean waves and cloudy sky, shades of blue, white and gray.
Artist: Nel Whatmore

Pink Floyd - Pulse Poster Print
Poster for Pink Floyd's "Pulse" album.

Horizons (serigraph) Poster Print
Serigraph by Denise Duplock titled, "Horizons". One orange block on top of a green rectangle on top of a red square.
Artist: Denise Duplock

Flamenco I Poster Print
Print of a woman Flamenco dancer in a red and black dress. Marta Wiley, artist.
Artist: Marta Wiley

New York, Fence by the Beach Poster Print
"New York, Fence by the Beach", is a melancholy scene of a board fence in the sand dunes of a beach somewhere in New York. Wolodymyr Gritsik.
Artist: Wolodymyr Gritsik

Colorado Avalanche Poster Print
Hockey sports poster for the Colorado Avalanche hockey team.

Two Friends Poster Print
Bright, western print of two friends in rodeo clothes, with their horses. Linda Carter-Holman.
Artist: Linda Carter-Holman

Untitled, No. 11 Poster Print
Abstract print by Mark Rothko. It's done in gold and tan, with a texture that looks like leather.
Artist: Mark Rothko

Mykonos Sunset Poster Print
Beautiful Mykonos Greece at sunset, the bay is azure, the clouds are golden and the city is stark white.
Artist: Georges Meis

The Four Seasons: Potato Harvest Poster Print
Vincent Van Gogh's depiction of a workers in a field. Entitled, "The Four Seasons: Potato Harvest", duotoned in sepia, this print is desolate and barren.
Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

Earth Poster Print
Poster of the Earth from space.

The Reading Poster Print
Heartwarming print by Sharon R. Wilson of an African American woman and two small children reading a book.
Artist: Sharon R. Wilson

Lavender Bath II Poster Print
Charming print by Charlene Olsen of a bath with cream and lavendar tones.
Artist: Charlene Olson

Homestretch Poster Print

Artist: Richard Zolan

Quiet Harmony Poster Print
Abstract, colorful print of shapes. Wassily Kandinsky.
Artist: Wassily Kandinsky

Botanical Square 2 Poster Print
Simple, square print of two sprigs of leaves on a neutral background.
Artist: Marguerite Gonot

Balcony on Oberapia Street, Havana Poster Print
Bright, colorful depiction of a balcony on Oberapia St. in Havana, Cuba. Done by Corr.
Artist: Corr

Evolution - Jaguar Poster Print
Poster showing the evolution on the Jaguar (car).

Aladdin (Style B) Poster Print
Movie poster for the film Aladdin, style B. Disney pictures.

Rendition II (metallic ink & varnish) Poster Print
Metallic ink and varnish print of a diagram.
Artist: Checo Diego

Annie Poster Print
Delightful print of "Annie". A cute dog on a mulit-colored background.
Artist: Ron Burns

Yellow Hat Poster Print
Print of a young African American woman in a bright yellow hat. Alluring and striking. By Laurie Cooper.
Artist: Laurie Cooper

Night with her Train of Stars Poster Print
Fantasy poster of "Night" as a being with a train of cherubs, "Stars" trailing behind. Edward Robert Hughes.
Artist: Edward Robert Hughes

Winking Cougar Poster Print
Cute poster of a winter cougar winking at the camera.

Ozzie Smith - The Wizard Poster Print
Poster of Ozzie Smith of the St. Louis Cardinals.

A League of Their Own (Style A) Poster Print
Movie poster for, "A League of Their Own". Geena Davis,Tom Hanks and Madonna.

The Road Menders Poster Print
Van Goghs,"The Road Menders", art print depicting workers mending a road with blocks. The road edges a village and grove of gnarled trees.
Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

Forget Poster Print
"Forget" by Dominique Gaudin. Abstract print of leaves and flowers on watercolored paper background. Shadowy with greens, tans and yellows.
Artist: Dominique Gaudin

Show Biz Poster Print
Poster of a Zucchini, tomato, potato, bell pepper and onion dancing on a box of spaghetti and a can of tuna.
Artist: Greg Brown

Western Boot Poster Print
Poster of a pair of old cowboy boots with spurs hanging by barbed wire on a background of southwestern design.
Artist: Alma Lee

Woman at a Window Poster Print
Pablo Picasso's "Woman at a Window". Abstract print in bright colors.
Artist: Pablo Picasso

Banana Bandit Poster Print
Print of bright oranges and yellows of a woman standing in the doorway to a hacienda, with a bunch of bananas on her head, while a small child drags off a bowl of fruit.
Artist: William Templeton

Frank Lloyd Wright's Pencils Poster Print
Poster showing Frank Lloyd Wrights many pencils.

Snow-Shadows Dance Poster Print
Print of an abstract horse dancing with tribal designs. Cecilia Henle.
Artist: Cecilia Henle

Blue Window Poster Print
Abstract print of "Blue Window", picturing shapes of blues and white and green.Jacqueline Hearn.
Artist: Jacqueline Hearn

Ring Around the Rosy Poster Print
Print of three little girls playing "ring-a-round-the-rosy" on the beach in the surf.
Artist: Edward Potthast

Eye Poster Print
Black and white poster of an eye with a skeleton face reflecting in the pupil.Very detailed and realistic.
Artist: M.C. Escher

Tall Grass Poster Print
Print of water grasses in a small pond.
Artist: Albrecht Durer

Visit Cuba - So Near and Yet so Foreign Poster Print
Brightly colored,vintage style poster with a mexican dancer holding maracas.
Artist: Unknown

Cinquenta...Tigre Real Poster Print
Salvador Dali's "Cinquenta...Tigre Real". Abstract orange and black checkered image of a tiger with other images in the checks.
Artist: Salvador Dali

Baltimore - First Orioles day Game Poster Print
Poster Print of First Orioles day Game in baltimore
Artist: Mike Smith

Safari Giraffe Poster Print
Poster of a baby Giraffe with his head poking through leaves.
Artist: Joe Sambataro

Royal & Ancient Golf Clup - St. Andrews, 1905 Poster Print
Photo black and white print of the Royal & Ancient Golf Clup at St Andrews, 1905

Velva-Zong Poster Print
Abstract poster of black,white, blue and purple lines coming out of a central circle.

Summer Moonrise (metallic ink) Poster Print
Haunting metallic ink print of "Summer Moonrise" by Dennis Sheehan. Very misty and subdued.
Artist: Dennis Sheehan

There`s no Business like Show Business (Style A) Poster Print
Movie poster for the 1954 Irving Berlin film, "There's no business like show business".

The Return of the King - Gandalf Poster Print
Poster of Gandalf, Lord of the Rings.

The Tyrannosaur - (English - Italian - French - German - Spanish) Poster Print
educational Poster of tyrannosaur with backround information on species

Yosemite Half Dome Poster Print
Poster print of Yosemite National Park in California.

Barreled, North Shore Oahu, HI Poster Print
Poster print of Man surfing in North shore Oahu

Shrek 2 (Style B) Poster Print
Movie poster for "Shrek:2" from Dreamworks, starring Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers.

Caffe Poster Print
Art poster of two cups of coffee with steam.
Artist: Alfred Gockel

Scooby-Doo 2 (double-sided) Poster Print
Movie poster of the 2004 released Scooby Doo Monsters Unleashed film starring Freddie Prinze JR., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, Linda Cardellini.

Horses and Foals Poster Print
Poster of Mother and baby horses.
Artist: Rolf Hinz

Sixteen Candles (Style A) Poster Print
Movie poster for "Sixteen Candles" staring Molly Ringwald,Michael Anthony Hall and Michael Schoeffling,1984.

Ferrari 355 Poster Print
Poster of a bright yellow Ferrari 355 GTS/GTB

Americano Poster Print
Abstract poster of circles in tan, beige and brown.
Artist: Denise Duplock

Swimmingly Purple Poster Print
Cute poster of a fish with a bowtie on a puple background.
Artist: Romero Britto

Ghostbusters (Style A) Poster Print
Movie poster for "Ghostbusters", Style A.

24 heures du Le Mans Poster Print
Poster advertising the Le Mans, 1961.
Artist: Beligond

Unforgiven (Style A) Poster Print
Poster for the movie, "Unforgiven", Style A, Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman.

Shopping Girl Poster Print
Poster of a girl and her dog shopping.
Artist: Jennifer Brinley

Creole Dancer Poster Print
Abtract poster by Matisse, titles,"Creole Dance".
Artist: Henri Matisse

Loving Sun Poster Print
Poster of an American Indian couple with a horse in the woods.

Homecoming Poster Print
Poster of an Ethnic Jesus in the clouds.
Artist: Mancusi

Hey, Mr. Bartender! Poster Print
Poster of an old fashioned bar.
Artist: Ruane Manning

Peaceful Song Poster Print
Poster of a peaceful, riverside dwelling.
Artist: James Lee

Downbeat Poster Print
Abstract poster Downbeat by Daniel Kime.
Artist: Daniel Kime

Platform of Venus Poster Print
Abstract poster of squares by Ricki Mountain.
Artist: Ricki Mountain

My Child Poster Print
Poster of Jesus over a rainbow with a poem titled,"My Child".
Artist: Jacobus

Laundry Service Poster Print
Vintage looking poster ad for laundry.
Artist: Roger Bock

Mission Walk Poster Print
Poster of the walkway of a Mission. Shades of pink and white.
Artist: Roger Williams

Casablanca Poster Print
Vintage poster for the movie, "Casablanca" featuring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

The Flower Market Poster Print
Poster of an outdoor flower market.Lots of yellow and green.
Artist: Charlene Olson

Fifty-Seventh Street Poster Print
Poster of Manhattan's Fifty-seventh St at night, raining.
Artist: Carol Jessen

Italian Menu Poster Print
Poster of an Italian menu, Vignones. Mostly shades of brown.
Artist: Jennifer Matla

Queen of Diamonds Poster Print
Abstract poster of card games.
Artist: Niro Vasali

Historic Reading Posters - January Poster Print
Poster of a January reading poster from the Library in Illinois. It shows a boys skating with a sled full of books.

Brooklyn Bridge Poster Print
Sepia toned poster of the Brooklyn Bridge from the end.
Artist: Unknown

Before the Crowd Poster Print
Poster of several primary-colored huts on the beach.
Artist: Ron Peters

Safari Lion Poster Print
Abstract poster of a lion in the leaves.
Artist: Joe Sambataro

White over Red Poster Print
Abstract poster of shades of white and red.
Artist: Mark Rothko

Calla Lily Poster Print
Poster of a Calla Lily.
Artist: John Clayton

Harmonise with Beauty Poster Print
Poster of Chinese characters that mean Harmony.
Artist: Yuan Lee

Sacred Cenotes Poster Print
Abstract poster of circles in muted colors.
Artist: Ricki Mountain

Spring Showers, London Poster Print
Poster of London street in the rain, people walking with umbrellas.
Artist: Eleanor Polen

Angels on Pointe II Poster Print
Abstract poster of a woman dancing nude, tones of beige with a splash of purple and red.
Artist: Alfred Gockel

Insane Clown Posse - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers Poster Print
Poster for the Insane Clown Posse band.

Danger Keep Out Poster Print
Danger Keep Out music Poster

Striking a Chord Poster Print
Abstract poster of blocks os purple and indigo.
Artist: Nel Whatmore

Gerbera Poster Print
Poster of a pink Gerbera Daisy in a vase.
Artist: Judy Mandolf

Mondaufgang von St Germain (embossed on special paper) Poster Print
Abstract landscape done in pastel colors.
Artist: Paul Klee

Book of Kells - Illumination of the Chi Rho Page Poster Print
Poster of the Chi Rho Page of the Book of Kells.

Church Steeple Poster Print
Poster of a church steeple with a cross.
Artist: Georgia O`Keeffe

Still Life, Bread Poster Print
Poster of a variety of breads and sacks of grains.

Secret Story (metallic ink) Poster Print
Poster of poppies, four white,three red, one yellow.
Artist: Dennis Carney

Jammin' IV Poster Print
Abstract poster by Alfred Gockel of trumpet blowing musician, with guitar and cymbols.
Artist: Alfred Gockel

Ultimate Proverbidioms Poster Print
Poster depicting proverbidioms.
Artist: T.E. Breitenbach

Girl Before a Mirror, 1932 Poster Print
Abstract poster of a girl looking in a mirror, bright colors.
Artist: Pablo Picasso

Squares with Concentric Rings Poster Print
Poster of abstract circles in squares in reds, oranges and blues.
Artist: Wassily Kandinsky

Clouds Poster Print
Poster of blue sky with fluffy white clouds.
Artist: Pefley

Three Cats Poster Print
Abstract poster of three cats, tans and browns.
Artist: Govinder

Glass Hearts Poster Print
Print of purple glass hearts on wire.
Artist: Mark Baker

Fruit and Pottery Poster Print
Poster of earthenware jugs,pots and fresh fruit, subdued colors, soft light.
Artist: Loran Speck

Dogged Determined Poster Print

Artist: Jack Sorenson

Black and White Photograph of Tables and Chairs Outside the Cafe de Paix in Paris, France
This black and white photography poster by Teo Tarras shows tables and chairs outside the Cafe de Paix in Paris, France. The tables and chairs are on the curbside, and no one is sitting in them.
Artist: Teo Tarras

Sailing by the Sea Poster Print of a Sand Pail at the Beach, by Warren Kimble
Warren Kimble print of a sand pail at the beach.
Artist: Warren Kimble

"The Return of the King" Movie Poster Print of Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn
"The Return of the King" movie poster of Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn.

"Harlequin Jack" Poster Print of a Playing Card, by Gregory Gorham
Gregory Gorham poster of a playing card, titled "Harlequin Jack."
Artist: Gregory Gorham

"Skyscraper Heels" Poster Print of Red High Heeled Shoes and Lipstick, by Katherine & Elizabeth Pope
Katherine & Elizabeth Pope art print of red high heeled shoes. This print shows the shoes next to a drawing of skyscrapers, exaggerating the height of the heels.
Artist: Katherine & Elizabeth Pope

"Diamond Dust Shoes, 1980" (lilac, blue, green) Poster Print by Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol art print of different colored shoes.
Artist: Andy Warhol

"Saddling" Poster Print of a Lasso and a Saddle, by James O`Mara
James O`Mara print of a lasso and a saddle.
Artist: James O`Mara

Red Flip Flops Poster Print by Craig Nelson
Craig Nelson print of a pair of red flip flops.
Artist: Craig Nelson

"Resting" Poster Print of 6 Pairs of Cowboy Boots, by James O`Mara
Black and white print of 6 cowboy boots, by James O`Mara. This print is titled "Resting."
Artist: James O`Mara

"Alberoro" Poster Print of Various Urns and Pots in Different Colors, by Isabelle de Borchgrave
Isabelle de Borchgrave art print of "Alberoro." This decorative and stylish print shows 5 different colored and different sized urns or pots. Each pot is a different color, placed on a vibrant background.
Artist: Isabelle de Borchgrave

"Victorian Lace" Poster Print of a Dress, by Peggy Abrams
Peggy Abrams print of a slip or dress, titled "Victorian Lace."
Artist: Peggy Abrams

Harlequin Joker Card Poster Print
Poster print of the harlequin joker card. This joker card print is by Gregory Gorham.
Artist: Gregory Gorham

"Illusion Chess Board" Poster Print
Black and white drawing of "Illusion Chess Board." This print shows a chess board with the different pieces and ladders.

Johnny Depp Soaking in a Tub Poster Print
Johnny Depp soaking in a tub, and smoking a cigarette.

"Pump It" Poster Print by Mitchel Gray
Mitchel Gray print of "Pump It". This print show an ethnic man with large muscles lifting weights.
Artist: Mitchel Gray

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Poster Print


"Shoe Hibiscus" Poster Print by Stephanie Stouffer
Stephanie Stouffer art print of a zebra print shoe and a red hibiscus flower.
Artist: Stephanie Stouffer

Lavazza Italiana Poster Print

Artist: Silvia Vassileva

Religion Poster of an Orange Life Jacket that Says "Only Works With Faith" Below it
This religious poster shows an orange life jacket on a white background. Below the life jacket, the words "only works with faith" are printed in large letters. Below that is a quote from The Bible from Psalm 119:94 : "Save me, for I am yours...." The poster is otherwise plain white.

"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" Foreign Release Movie Poster Print With Clint Eastwood
Foreign release movie poster for "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly," showing Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Aldo Giuffre.

Poster of Six Pairs of Flip Flop Sandals leaning Aainst a Wall
Craig Nelson's "Flip Flops" shows a row of six pairs of flip flop sandals leaning against the wall. The flip flops are all different colors, from pink and red to black and stripes. The flip flops are all different sizes.
Artist: Craig Nelson

Poster of The Perfect Black Dress With Pink Accents Against a White and Pink Background with Black Cursive Text
Kimmy Han's "Perfect Black Dress" shows a flowing black dress with pink accents hanging from a coathanger. The coathanger is hanging on a nail from the pink and white wall, which has black cursive text behind it.
Artist: Kimmy Han

Black and White Photography Poster of the Base of "La Tour Eiffel" as Seen From the Street Below
Clay Davidson's "Street View of 'La Tour'"shows the four legs of the Eiffel Tower as seen from a nearby street. There are cars parked all along the side of the street in front of two buildings. This is a black and white photograph print.
Artist: Clay Davidson

Washington DC, Capitol & Monuments in Snow Poster Print by Jerry Driendl
Washington DC Capitol and monuments on a wintry night, by Jerry Driendl. This print shows the city lit up.
Artist: Jerry Driendl

Close Up of a Purple Striped Iris Poster Print
Close up of a purple striped Iris, by Attie.
Artist: Attie

"Femme Elegante I" Poster Print by Andrea Laliberte
Vintage style print of "Femme Elegante I" by Andrea Laliberte. This print shows an elegant woman sitting at a cafe table.
Artist: Andrea Laliberte

Vintage Poster of Chocolats, a Circus Clown, by Katharine Gracey
Vintage Poster of Chocolats, a Circus Clown, by Katharine Gracey. This Print shows the clown sitting on a chair, reading.
Artist: Katharine Gracey

Mark Rothko Art Poster of Number 5 - Yellow, Orange and Red.
Mark Rothko Art Poster of Number 5 - Yellow, Orange and Red. This Simple Abstract Art Print Shows Red, Yellow and Orange.
Artist: Mark Rothko

Poster of "Call the Engines"
Poster of "Call the Engines". This is a poster of all the different types of fire engines.

Print of "Clean & Fresh" by Jerianne Van Dijk
Print of "Clean & Fresh" by Jerianne Van Dijk. This print shows clean clothes hanging on a clothes line, outdoors. The words "Clean & Fresh" appear at the bottom of the print. This would be ideal for Laundry Room Decor.
Artist: Jerianne Van Dijk

Poster of "Zen Fans I" by Gene Ouimette
Poster of "Zen Fans I" by Gene Ouimette. This asian art print shows a beautiful zen fan on a tan background.
Artist: Gene Ouimette

Poster of "le n'est pas une pipe" by Rene Magritte
Poster of "La Trahison des Images" by Rene Magritte. This print shows a brown and black tobacco pipe on an off white background. The title of the print is written in black script at the bottom of the print.
Artist: Rene Magritte

Poster of Grand Salon No. 372
Fashion Posters: Grand Salon No. 372, by Kimberly Poloson.
Artist: Kimberly Poloson

Poster of "Atardecer Entre los Arboles" by Didier Lourenco
Poster of "Atardecer Entre los Arboles" by Didier Lourenco. This is a poster of a thin lady in a blue dress sipping at her drink high above a city.
Artist: Didier Lourenco

Poster of "Universe Chart"
Poster of "Universe Chart". This is a poster of a chart of the universe.

Poster of &quor;Peter's Laws"
Poster of &quor;Peter's Laws" This is a poster of a list of humorous creeds for a obsessive compulsive.

Poster Print of Peach Colored Poppies "In the Midday Sunlight" by Shirly Novak
Shirly Novak's "In the Midday Sun" is a poster of peach colored poppies. The Poppies are tall and seem to be basking in the midday sunlight.
Artist: Shirley Novak

Painted Sailboat, Titled "The Martha McKean of Wellfleet, 1944" Poster Print, by Edward Hopper
Painted sailboat, titled "The Martha McKean of Wellfleet, 1944" by Edward Hopper
Artist: Edward Hopper

Poster Print of "Solitude" by David Winston - Blanket of Snow under a Bare Tree and Fence
A beautiful scenic poster print of a fence, tree and snow covered landscape by David Winston. This print is titled "Solitude".
Artist: David Winston

Poster of "My Love`s Arrival" By: Mari Giddings
Title: "My Love's Arrival" Artist: Mari GiddingsHere is an abstract art print from the Mari Giddings collection, showing an assortment of lines, shapes, colors and swirls.
Artist: Mari Giddings

Poster of "Space (serigraph)" By: Denise Duplock
Title: "Space (Serigraph)Artist: Denise DuplockHere is an abstract art print showing three diffrent figures in three diffrent colors in a broken block shape.
Artist: Denise Duplock

Poster of "Pickup Trucks 1931-1980"
Title: Pickup Trucks 1931-1980"Artist: UnknownHere is a poster showing 24 different makes and models of pickup trucks dated from 1931-1980, in all colors and styles. At the top reads: "Pickup Trucks."s At the bottom reads: "The Great American Vehicle."
Artist: Unknown

Blacklight Poster of a Black and White Optical Illusion, Titled "UFO"
Blacklight poster of a black and white optical illusion, titled "UFO"

Poster of "Poet's Cause" By: Don Li-Leger
Title: "Poet's Cause"Artist: Don Li-LegerHere is an abstract print of several blocks and squares in different sizes and colors. Underneath a layer or two of paint, you can barely make out some scribble marks, though no words are legible. The colors used are all warm tones of peach, brown, beige, blue, red, and black to highlight.
Artist: Don Li-Leger

Poster of "The Eye"
Poster of "The Eye" This poster almost has a blacklight poster look to it. There is a picture of a blue, green and yellow eye, in high contrast with oranges, yellows and pinks on the outer skin of the eye.

Poster of "Lucifer" by Jackson Pollock
Poster of "Lucifer" by Jackson Pollock. This is a poster of an abstract piece by Jackson Pollock.
Artist: Jackson Pollock

Poster of "Antique Games II" by Nancy Wiseman
Poster of "Antique Games II" by Nancy Wiseman. This print shows a lot of antique games, such as darts, dominos, and cards.
Artist: Nancy Wiseman

Poster of "Rock Guitar - How To"
Here is a poster called "Rock Guitar - How to" There is a red electic guitar at the center of the poster, and on all sides around the guitar are chord finders, and various tabliture charts. Along with notes and informational guides.

Poster of "Asian Autumn" by artist, Chris Paschke
Title - Asian Autumn Artist - Chris Paschke Here is a poster print of some Japanese for the word or season "autumn." THis is black calligraphy writing in the forground of a piece of what appears to be handmade paper in deep green with ivory patches on it. The word "autumn" is handwritten along the bottom left edge outside of the deep green paper in cursive writing.
Artist: Chris Paschke

Abstract Poster of "Purple Daze" by Emily Holyfield.
Abstract Poster of "Purple Dazequot by Emily Holyfield. This print shows a red/purple circle over square shapes of purples.
Artist: Emily Holyfield

Serigraph Poster of White Ice Skater on Red Background
This Serigraph Poster of White Ice Skater on Red Background was created by Henri Matisse. This Poster is also commonly known as "Gliding Start."e The body of the ice skater is shaped similar to a heart.
Artist: Henri Matisse

Art Print of Living the Dream I, a Ballet Dancer by Marta Wiley
Art Print of Living the Dream I, a Ballet Dancer by Marta Wiley
Artist: Marta Wiley

Art Print of Three Glass Spheres by M.C. Escher
Art Print of Three Glass Spheres by M.C. Escher. This Art Print Shows Two Clear Glass Spheres, and One White Sphere. The Sphere in the middle shows the reflection of the artist.
Artist: M.C. Escher

Art Print of Asian Spring, With Asian Writing, by Chris Paschke.
Art Print of Asian Spring, With Asian Writing, by Chris Paschke.
Artist: Chris Paschke

Poster of Paris Lingeries No. 287
Vintage Poster: Paris Lingeries No. 287 by Kimberly Poloson.
Artist: Kimberly Poloson

Poster of Starting Lineup
Sports Posters: Surfboards - Starting Lineup, by Scott Westmoreland.
Artist: Scott Westmoreland

"The Two Towers" Movie Poster Print of Orlando Bloom as Legolas
"The Two Towers" movie poster of Orlando Bloom as Legolas.

Poster of Finding Nemo
Movie Poster: Finding Nemo by Disney.
Artist: Disney©

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