Albert Einstein Poster Print

Item Number: 10098932

Poster Title: Albert Einstein

Description: Albert Einstein poster with a timeline. The complete wording on this print is: "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That's relativity." -Albert Einstein. Regarded as one of the most brilliant mathematical physicists of the 20th century, Albert Einstein's theories relating matter, energy, space, time, and gravity form the basis for our understanding of the structure of the universe. A outspoken pacifist, he also made many contributions to peace in his lifetime. 1879 Albert Einstein is born on March 14 in Ulm, Germany. 1888-1900 - Is a poor student but excels in math and science. 1896 - Renounces his German citizenship. 1902-1909 - Works as a technical expert at a Swiss patent office. 1905 - Earns a doctorate from the University of Zurich. Publishes groundbreaking papers on the quantum theory of light, Brownian motion, and special theory of relativity. 1911 - Becomes professor of theoretical physics at University of Berlin. Predicts bending of light near sun. 1915 - Co-signs anti-war "Manifesto to Europeans." 1916 - Publishes his famous paper, General Theory of Relativity. 1919 - Eclipse observations confirm Einstein's theories. He becomes a world figure. 1921 - Receives the Nobel Prize in physics. 1927 - Begins debates on quantum theory interpretation. 1932 - Is appointed professor at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. 1933 - Immigrates to the U.S. 1939 - Signs famous letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt recommending nuclear weapons research, which he later regrets. 1940 - Becomes a U.S. citizen. 1945-1955 - Works tirelessly on behalf of global cooperation to prevent war. 1950 - Bequests his literary estate and personal papers to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 1952 - Is offered the presidency of the State of Israel, but declines. 1955 - Albert Einstein dies on April 18 in Princeton, New Jersey.

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